Three never explored qualities of engineered wooden flooring

Wooden flooring has been one of the most enchanting options of home décor because of its sheer elegance. However, not everyone is able to install wooden flooring at their place because of the high cost and the high degree of maintenance.


But, nowadays, the present league of engineered wood flooring has drastically changed the scenario. Here are 3 important characteristics of engineered wooden flooring.

1. Ability to handle heavy foot traffic

The present league of engineered floor is capable of handling heavy footfalls. These floorings, unlike the traditional wooden flooring are very easy to install. Made with the help of PlankLoc technology, these can be joined without glue. This technology allows seamless locking of the planks to each other.

2. Long Life

These floors are highly durable because and are devoid of the disadvantages of the traditional flooring options. The engineered wood does not warp or flake. Moreover, manufacturers like Mikasa Floors support a warranty of 30 years. These floors require a low degree of maintenance and can be cleaned easily. The floor is fit for any weather condition as it is composed of 3 layers of hardwood. These have high solidity and stability and do not contract or expand with changing weather conditions.

3. Adds Elegance to your place

The engineered wooden flooring is no less than the real wood flooring. It is sourced from original wood and is then strengthened using the latest technology. These are eco-friendly in nature and do not emit any kind of toxic smell.

Mikasa Floors is a product of Greenlam Industries, which aims to deliver a class of wooden flooring that adds a warm and welcoming gesture to the room. Each plank is truly state of the art and has the natural beauty and elegance of wood.

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5 advantages of installing Engineered Wooden Flooring in your Home

Your home is made beautiful, not only by its well-decorated interiors, carefully chosen wall arts or expensive furniture. There are so many other things that play a significant role in enhancing the appearance of your living space. Flooring designs are one such option and can make the complete look of your home more impressive and classy. Engineered wood flooring is one of the most sought after flooring options available nowadays. For detailed information, here are some of the advantages of engineered hardwood flooring.


1. One of the biggest advantages of this flooring option is that they look just like the real wood. If you choose for a good quality engineered wood floor, even the toughest skeptic will end up believing that the floor is of solid wood.

2. With engineering wood flooring, you don’t have to hesitate from laying them in kitchen and bathroom environments where even the solid wood would risk damage. At these places, moisture and temperature levels fluctuate enormously & engineered flooring have the tendency not to expand and contract to the same extent as solid wood even in such condition.

3. This type of flooring option is made up by bonding layers and layers of plywood together prior to being topped off with a top layer. This makes them very tough and as a result, they can bear heavy footfall in both domestic and commercial spaces.

4. Engineered wooden flooring installation is extremely easy, no matter whether you are doing it for the first time or are a professional.

5. Like solid wood flooring that comes in a wide range of patterns and grades, engineered wooden flooring has the same assortment for its top layers. This way, you can achieve a look that complements your interiors and suits your lifestyle & budget.

Mikasa Floors offers good quality wooden flooring that can revive your living spaces instantly. Each plank of wood available here is truly a work of art.

Innovative Ideas You Can Make Possible With Different Wood Flooring Types

DIY abilities that different wood flooring types offer are simple breathtaking. If you have an inspiration and you know from where to get wooden flooring in India, then you can create luxurious home interiors without burning a hole in your pocket. With this blog, we feel pleasant to share some wooden flooring inspiration, for which you would thank us later. So, without wasting a moment, quickly scroll through the ideas and choose the most ideal flooring for your beautiful house.


Glossy Grey Wood for Living Room:
For a shiny, pretty and classy flooring in a living room, trust wood flooring types with Satin Lacquer finish. You can find ample of color options from which ideally pick up a medium shade in grey tone that would give a clean and modern look to your house.

Rustic Wide Planks In Balcony:
For your lavish balcony garden, select wooden planks in rustic look. When you will look for wood floors in India, choose darker tones in black, grey and brown to get the exact rustic look. These flooring amidst green plants in your garden, beautiful wall art and a cozy couch would create pristine, cozy, & curl-up-able ambience.

Diamond Pattern Wooden Flooring For Bedrooms:
If you literally want to get floored, be innovative with the flooring for your bedroom and create a diamond shape by combining darker and lighter shades of wood flooring types. You can also choose a combination of Matt lacquer finish and satin lacquer finish for the rich look.

Different Patterns Wooden Flooring For Kitchen:
You would adore the stylish look for your kitchen created by installing same wooden plank type in different ways. Bring your creativity to work and create square patterns, crisscross patterns or any other chic pattern of your choice.

Wood & Tiles Combo for Hallway:
For your hallway, buy matte shade wooden flooring in India and some floor tiles in contrasting color. You can install tiles at the entrance of the rooms and wooden planks in the rest of the space. You would get numerous ideas on Pinterest to get this combo look. Surf it, and choose the most ideal one for your home.

Painted Hardwood Flooring For Kid’s Room:
Bring in beauty and calmness in your kids room by painting hardwood flooring with subtle and natural shades like mint or white. Painted hardwood floors look beautiful and serene, which creates an ideal ambiance for a child’s abode.

Mikasa Manufactures Different Wooden Flooring Patterns That Suits Every Infrastructure

Wooden flooring has always been primary choice of the house owners, but due to its high cost everyone cannot afford. No need to worry as now you can also feel the essence and comfort of nature’s real wood in your homes by using them as flooring material. Mikasa can do it for you with its innovative wooden flooring which is unique in property and effective in terms of cost at the same time.

Mikasa Floors – Wooden Flooring Manufacturer

It is a division of Greenlam Industries that manufactures a diverse range of wooden floor collection. It provides you with features and style of real wood. It is India’s first real wood floors, and with its wide range and several designs and different wooden flooring patterns you get to give your floors a unique dimension and characteristic wooden look with elegance and style.

Mikasa Manufactured Wooden floorings products:

Pristine: It is another name of pure perfection. It is the standard 15 mm setting wooden flooring range having captivating and stylish collections that soothes your soul. It comes with 30 years of warranty.

Arbour: It is a 13 mm premium collection of Mikasa which is eye­-catching, distinct, bold and inviting. Its strikingly beautiful variety can make your room come alive. It comes with 20 years of warranty as well.

Atmos: It is breathtakingly beautiful and best in its class. It is 10 mm flooring with veneer of real wood of 0.6 mm. It is a traditional wood flooring that brightens up any area of your living. It comes with 10 years of warranty.

What Mikasa Wooden Flooring products comprehend?

The wood floors of Mikasa are one of the best products for hard wood flooring. They beautify your space with their texture, color and varying patterns. Manufacturing the diverse range of solid wood floor collections, Mikasa Floors has made it image in wooden industry. It has been since several years that this company has been beautifying residential and commercial spaces with its creativity and incorporating beauty and brilliance into these pieces of engineered wood flooring. It is doing this with its creativity and use of innovative GLE technology, because of this, it has also been able to establishe its name in the market of wood industries.

Consider Mikasa Engineered Wooden Floorings for Bringing in a Real Wooden Look


Consider making use of engineered wooden flooring if you are looking forward to install wood floors in your home. If you have ever put down hardwood floors, then you are lucky enough not to burn your nose hairs by breathing the fumes and walk out without being covered in dust or stain. Even though if you are looking for real wood flooring the best option for you will still be to install engineered wooden flooring.

Installing them is different from the regular laminate flooring as you lose nothing, neither the look nor the quality that you want when you are installing engineered wooden flooring. The engineered wooden flooring is exactly similar to standard real wood flooring, except that the former is much easier to install.

What are the benefits of using engineered wooden flooring?

Scratch proof: Such floorings are scratch-resistant and will not ruin the floor. Using these flooring you can sand down the spot, refinish and maintain it without getting it noticed.

Moisture resistant: You can easily install these wood floors in wet areas such as kitchen and basement. This type of floorings is ideally the best for all regions. They are best for use till they are not overly damp or experience water leakage, since constant moisture can turn out to be harmful for all kinds of wooden materials, including flooring.

Easy to install: This type of flooring is easier and quicker to install if you have all the required instruments or equipment that are needed handy. Either you can nail it down or you can use glue to keep them intact. You can carry out this task based upon the size of the planks. If you get the thinner planks of about 3/8″ thickness, it is better to nail them down as doing so will provide them strength. On the other hand if they are half inch pieces, you can use glue. Gluing it down reduces the risk of damaging the finishing of the engineered wooden flooring that has already been applied on it.

Mikasa – A Greenlam Industries Division for Flooring Material

The question that arises here is from where you can get them. You can get all such wood floors from any renowned flooring supplier who has expertise in manufacturing such types of floorings. “Mikasa- Real Wood Floors” is one such company that solely deals with real wood flooring manufacturing and supplying. It includes a wide range and several exclusive designs that give your floor a characteristic wooden look with elegance and style. So, if you are a real wood floor lover, then “Mikasa-Real Wood Floors” is just the best choice meant for your house.

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Why You Can Opt for Wood Flooring over Other Flooring Types


Wood Flooring

When it comes to enhancing the beauty and functionality of a home, the significant role played by flooring cannot be overlooked. Choosing the right flooring will not just make your home visually more appealing but also have a positive impact on your overall quality of life. However, with so many options available, selecting the right flooring for your home can be a daunting task in itself.

Wood flooring is one of the best choices available to home owners. Whether you’re building a new home or renovating your existing one, opting for real wood flooring is an effective way to make your home look more beautiful. Here are some of the top reasons why you should opt for wood flooring in your home:
1. Long-lasting

Flooring is subjected to a lot of wear and tear. Moreover, once it has been installed and you’ve moved in your new home, flooring is not something that can be changed easily. Wood floors are strong, durable, tough and long-lasting. This property makes them suitable for installation in both homes as well as offices. A good quality wooden floor that has been properly installed can last for many years to come.

2. Excellent variety

Where it comes to wood flooring ideas, there is no shortage of options. Wood flooring is available in different types and colors. Be it traditional oak or rustic pine, wood flooring comes in different styles. Regardless of your taste or requirement, you can easily choose wood flooring that can be installed in your home.

3. Easy to clean and low maintenance

Real wood flooring doesn’t accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. Compared to other types of flooring, wooden floors require less cleaning. Moreover, it’s easier to clean wood floors. With minimal sweeping and vacuuming, a homeowner can easily ensure cleanliness of wooden floors.

4. Healthy flooring!

Wood floors play an important role when it comes to improving indoor air quality of a home or office. Unlike carpets, wood floor doesn’t have any fibre on it to trap dust particles. Thus, they are really helpful for people suffering from any type of allergy. Installing wooden floors is an effective way of enhancing the overall being of a family.

Wood flooring can make a home look warm and beautiful. The demand for these floors has increased considerably in the recent years. Mikasa real wood floors offered by Greenlam industries are a perfect choice when it comes to choosing wood floors for homes. As one of the leading wooden flooring suppliers, Greenlam offers an extensive range of wood floors to homes and businesses.

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An Ultimate Guide to Wooden Flooring


Do you intend to renovate your residential or commercial space, but are confused with the number of flooring options available in the market. With Mikasa, you can find a complete solution for this problem. A name to be reckoned with in the wooden designing industry, it has been beautifying homes by infusing creativity into a simple plank of wood, making it a sheer piece of beauty and excellence. Mikasa has a wide variety of wooden flooring designs that will surely give your home a unique character.

Commercial wooden flooring can be another intelligent choice specifically designed to lend a sense of perpetuity into interiors, making it a favourable flooring choice. Further, if you have the finest taste and like to improve the appearance and aura of your home, hardwood flooring option is simply the perfect option to go for. Besides being hard-wearing and beautiful, these kinds of floors are eco-friendly as well.

Over the years, the popularity of wooden flooring has increased due to several reasons. Wood is a natural resource and is both renewable and recyclable. Generally, wooden flooring don’t need to be replaced ever once they have been properly installed, thereby adding a great value to your home. This type of flooring also offers an incredible range of options. From the type of wood to its finish or design of the floor pattern, engineered wood flooring suits almost every type of interiors.

Apart from enhancing the look of the place, wooden flooring has many other benefits too. An entirely different thing to what people generally believes, it is easy to install them. You just need to have right planning, preparation and tools. But if you have any doubt in your mind, you can also take help from some flooring professional.

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