Benefits of Installing Engineered Wooden Floors in your Home

If you want to make your home look modern and trendy you should opt to install engineered wooden floorings. Sometimes homeowners prefer to install laminate floorings considering the fact that laminate floors are cheaper. However, laminate floorings can be damaged easily and need to be replaced within three to four years of installation. So if you want to reinstall the floorings in your home, then it is advisable that you install engineered wooden floors in your house. The primary reason behind this is that compared to laminate floors, engineered wooden floors are much more durable and are not damaged easily. Engineered wooden floors are actually sheets of hardwood that are fixed on a base material like plywood. Now since original wooden sheets are used to manufacture engineered wooden floors it retains the texture, granularity and durability of the original species of wood, from which the sheets have been cut. Thus, by installing engineered wooden floors in your home you can make your home look posh and sophisticated.

Why should you install Engineered Wooden Floors?

When you install engineered wooden flooring it is advisable that you get in touch with a flooring manufacturer that makes easy to install engineered wooden floor planks, so that you can purchase planks depending on the size and dimension of a room. Some of the benefits that you can be assured of on installing engineered wooden flooring are as follows:

1. It does not expand or contract like hardwood floors. This ensures that the flooring does not get warped due to changes in the humidity levels.

2. Since engineered wooden floorings are actually real wooden sheets fixed on to plywood base, it makes the entire plank all the more durable.

By installing engineered wooden floor you will be making a worthwhile investment. The laminate used to make laminate floors are actually made of layers of paper glued together to form a compact sheet and hence it can be damaged quite easily. Thus, even if initially you feel that laminate floors are cheaper and easier to maintain than the engineered wooden floors, in the long run, engineered wooden floors would survive longer giving you value for the money you may have spent on getting these installed.

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