The Ultimate Guide on Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a nice alternative to both laminate flooring and solid hardwood. It is easy to install and can bring classic styling to any home.

How is it manufactured?

The top layer of engineer wood flooring is made of finish wood with non-finish plywood underneath, inserted in by another layer of hardwood which are then laminated together. Each board has 3 to 4 layers of wood bonded together to create a plank. While the underneath plywood offers additional strength to the flooring, any of the exotic wood options can be used as only the top layer is visible.

In the manufacturing of these solid wood floors, the plywood actually comprises 80-90% of the floor. This means, it uses less hardwood in its manufacture and therefore, less expensive. Moreover, it is resistant to moisture and warping.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

1. Excellent strength

Engineered wood is built in layers and bonded together. While the top layer exhibits the natural characteristics of the selected wood species, the surface layer is several layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF) that ensures greater strength and stability.

2. Superior stability

These flooring options come with superior stability, which makes them resistant to changes in the temperature and humidity. This way, they can be installed anywhere, including moisture-prone areas.

3. Genuine hardwood

Although these wooden flooring types are not made of solid hardwood, they are still a genuine hardwood floor with artistic appearance and lifetime value it brings to a home. A quality engineered floor will perform as well and last as long and as a solid wood floor.

4. Impressive range

You will find an impressive range of textures, colors, finishes and wood species when shopping for engineered flooring. And once installed, they look the same as solid wood planks.

5. Easy to install

These flooring options can be stapled or glued and therefore are easy to install and can even be used directly to an existing floor.


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