Give your home a distinct look by installing wooden flooring

Elegant flooring does make a world of difference to the interiors. Among st the several flooring options available online, wooden flooring is climbing the popularity ladder at a very fast pace. Wooden flooring lends your house a distinguished character and makes it look more appealing.


If you are planning to modernize your house flooring, install wooden flooring of varied sizes from the reputed online portal, Mikasa. It presents a wide range of premium engineered wooden flooring created by using advanced technology that allows for easy installation and gives a seamless look to the floors.

Types of wooden flooring –

The type of wood flooring you choose for the home should be selected with due care. There is not much of a variance in quality among the products available these days except for the difference in patterns. Basically, there are three types of wood flooring patterns which could be simply described as plain, stripes and chequered pattern on the wood. Apart from the pattern, colors also differentiate the type of wooden floors. Wooden floors are available in different wood (brown) shades. Darker shades are opted for high traffic areas to cover the dust and other stains while lighter shades are preferred for making the room space look bigger.

Where can wooden floors be installed?

With the variety of colors and patterns available, wooden flooring can be easily fixed in any room of an office or home. Apart from homes and offices, wooden floors have become a popular choice for restaurants, hotels, and showrooms.

If you are looking for the best flooring options to make your house interior appealing, wooden flooring will be the best choice. The only thing you are required to do is explore a wide collection of Mikasa floors to get the best wood flooring prices in India.

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