Three never explored qualities of engineered wooden flooring

Wooden flooring has been one of the most enchanting options of home décor because of its sheer elegance. However, not everyone is able to install wooden flooring at their place because of the high cost and the high degree of maintenance.


But, nowadays, the present league of engineered wood flooring has drastically changed the scenario. Here are 3 important characteristics of engineered wooden flooring.

1. Ability to handle heavy foot traffic

The present league of engineered floor is capable of handling heavy footfalls. These floorings, unlike the traditional wooden flooring are very easy to install. Made with the help of PlankLoc technology, these can be joined without glue. This technology allows seamless locking of the planks to each other.

2. Long Life

These floors are highly durable because and are devoid of the disadvantages of the traditional flooring options. The engineered wood does not warp or flake. Moreover, manufacturers like Mikasa Floors support a warranty of 30 years. These floors require a low degree of maintenance and can be cleaned easily. The floor is fit for any weather condition as it is composed of 3 layers of hardwood. These have high solidity and stability and do not contract or expand with changing weather conditions.

3. Adds Elegance to your place

The engineered wooden flooring is no less than the real wood flooring. It is sourced from original wood and is then strengthened using the latest technology. These are eco-friendly in nature and do not emit any kind of toxic smell.

Mikasa Floors is a product of Greenlam Industries, which aims to deliver a class of wooden flooring that adds a warm and welcoming gesture to the room. Each plank is truly state of the art and has the natural beauty and elegance of wood.

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