Mikasa Manufactures Different Wooden Flooring Patterns That Suits Every Infrastructure

Wooden flooring has always been primary choice of the house owners, but due to its high cost everyone cannot afford. No need to worry as now you can also feel the essence and comfort of nature’s real wood in your homes by using them as flooring material. Mikasa can do it for you with its innovative wooden flooring which is unique in property and effective in terms of cost at the same time.

Mikasa Floors – Wooden Flooring Manufacturer

It is a division of Greenlam Industries that manufactures a diverse range of wooden floor collection. It provides you with features and style of real wood. It is India’s first real wood floors, and with its wide range and several designs and different wooden flooring patterns you get to give your floors a unique dimension and characteristic wooden look with elegance and style.

Mikasa Manufactured Wooden floorings products:

Pristine: It is another name of pure perfection. It is the standard 15 mm setting wooden flooring range having captivating and stylish collections that soothes your soul. It comes with 30 years of warranty.

Arbour: It is a 13 mm premium collection of Mikasa which is eye­-catching, distinct, bold and inviting. Its strikingly beautiful variety can make your room come alive. It comes with 20 years of warranty as well.

Atmos: It is breathtakingly beautiful and best in its class. It is 10 mm flooring with veneer of real wood of 0.6 mm. It is a traditional wood flooring that brightens up any area of your living. It comes with 10 years of warranty.

What Mikasa Wooden Flooring products comprehend?

The wood floors of Mikasa are one of the best products for hard wood flooring. They beautify your space with their texture, color and varying patterns. Manufacturing the diverse range of solid wood floor collections, Mikasa Floors has made it image in wooden industry. It has been since several years that this company has been beautifying residential and commercial spaces with its creativity and incorporating beauty and brilliance into these pieces of engineered wood flooring. It is doing this with its creativity and use of innovative GLE technology, because of this, it has also been able to establishe its name in the market of wood industries.


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