Consider Mikasa Engineered Wooden Floorings for Bringing in a Real Wooden Look


Consider making use of engineered wooden flooring if you are looking forward to install wood floors in your home. If you have ever put down hardwood floors, then you are lucky enough not to burn your nose hairs by breathing the fumes and walk out without being covered in dust or stain. Even though if you are looking for real wood flooring the best option for you will still be to install engineered wooden flooring.

Installing them is different from the regular laminate flooring as you lose nothing, neither the look nor the quality that you want when you are installing engineered wooden flooring. The engineered wooden flooring is exactly similar to standard real wood flooring, except that the former is much easier to install.

What are the benefits of using engineered wooden flooring?

Scratch proof: Such floorings are scratch-resistant and will not ruin the floor. Using these flooring you can sand down the spot, refinish and maintain it without getting it noticed.

Moisture resistant: You can easily install these wood floors in wet areas such as kitchen and basement. This type of floorings is ideally the best for all regions. They are best for use till they are not overly damp or experience water leakage, since constant moisture can turn out to be harmful for all kinds of wooden materials, including flooring.

Easy to install: This type of flooring is easier and quicker to install if you have all the required instruments or equipment that are needed handy. Either you can nail it down or you can use glue to keep them intact. You can carry out this task based upon the size of the planks. If you get the thinner planks of about 3/8″ thickness, it is better to nail them down as doing so will provide them strength. On the other hand if they are half inch pieces, you can use glue. Gluing it down reduces the risk of damaging the finishing of the engineered wooden flooring that has already been applied on it.

Mikasa – A Greenlam Industries Division for Flooring Material

The question that arises here is from where you can get them. You can get all such wood floors from any renowned flooring supplier who has expertise in manufacturing such types of floorings. “Mikasa- Real Wood Floors” is one such company that solely deals with real wood flooring manufacturing and supplying. It includes a wide range and several exclusive designs that give your floor a characteristic wooden look with elegance and style. So, if you are a real wood floor lover, then “Mikasa-Real Wood Floors” is just the best choice meant for your house.

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