Reasons Why Engineered Wooden Floors are Ideal for Kitchens

The flooring of a house plays an important role in the comfort, safety, convenience and wellbeing of its residents. This is because high quality flooring can make a house both comfortable and convenient to live in, while also enhancing its aesthetic appeal. On the other hand, subpar flooring increases the risk of slippage and accidents. It also requires frequent repairs and heavy maintenance, leading to daily hassles and inconvenience. These high maintenance floors can also prove to be unsustainably expensive in the long run. Therefore, when deciding on the type of flooring for your home, you should carefully consider the needs, preferences and requirements of your family.

The Essential Elements of Good Kitchen Flooring

The floors of the kitchen need special consideration on the part of the homeowner. This is because kitchens have particular needs and special requirements. The kitchen is where food is prepared for every member of the household, and therefore it is one of the most important areas of your home. You must be sure to choose the best possible quality of flooring material for your kitchen.

While they are still quite popular and used by a large number of people, wooden floors should not be used in kitchens. There are a number of reasons for this, which include the fact that wood is highly flammable as a material and when used in a kitchen, can prove to be a major fire hazard. Wood is also prone to flaking and warping when exposed to moisture, which is a problem because significant amounts of water is used in kitchens. Therefore, when deciding on the material to be used for kitchen flooring, engineered wooden floors are the ideal choice. Some of the reasons for this are:

1. Engineered wooden floors are not prone to warping, flaking and corroding when exposed to moisture, thus making them perfect for kitchens where water is extensively used for cooking.

2. These floors are easy to clean and maintain, which means that there is little risk of permanent stains appearing on the surface of the floor. Being easy to clean and disinfect, these floors will also promote a hygienic environment in the kitchen.

3. All the lacquers and stains of engineered wooden floors are water based, which means that they do not emit any harmful VOCs after installation.

These are some of the reasons why you should choose engineered wooden floors for your kitchen space. You can contact some of the reputed suppliers of engineered wooden floors to install the highest quality flooring in your kitchen.


Here’s what makes engineered wood flooring a preferred choice

The rustic charm added by traditional wood flooring is undoubtedly undeniable. They signify timeless beauty that also ensures sophistication and luxury. But, installing natural wooden planks can be troublesome, as well as quite expensive. In such cases, the option of engineered wooden flooring can come to your rescue. They are easier to install and pack a lesser punch on the pockets, while providing the naturally, graceful look of wood.

What exactly are engineered wood floors?

Engineered wood floors basically consist of three layers – a top layer of real wood, a stabilizing core made of High Density fiberboard, and a balancing core of pinewood. The inner layer makes the floors more stable and sturdy, while the outer layers of hardwood help maintain the aesthetic appeal of wood. Akin to real wood floors, engineered wood flooring gives a genuine wooden look.

Advantages of going for engineered wood flooring

While giving a natural look of wood is one of the biggest attractions of engineered wood flooring, it serves many other advantages too. A couple of them are:

  • It does not contract or expand when faced with rapid temperature fluctuations. Engineered wood also stands well against moisture issues, unlike traditional wooden planks. This makes them suitable for use in areas with temperature fluctuations like the kitchen, or moisture prone areas like the basement.
  • One can walk on engineered wooden floors right after installation. You don’t need to wait for days for it to get fixed. These planks come with a plankloc system, which further simplifies their installation process.

These are only some of the pros of installing engineered wooden flooring. It is the most practical, as well as attractive option for your floor surface at present. With that said, you must always procure engineered wooden flooring sheets from a reputed company, in order to get premium quality products as well as excellent after sales support.

Benefits of Installing Engineered Wooden Floors in your Home

If you want to make your home look modern and trendy you should opt to install engineered wooden floorings. Sometimes homeowners prefer to install laminate floorings considering the fact that laminate floors are cheaper. However, laminate floorings can be damaged easily and need to be replaced within three to four years of installation. So if you want to reinstall the floorings in your home, then it is advisable that you install engineered wooden floors in your house. The primary reason behind this is that compared to laminate floors, engineered wooden floors are much more durable and are not damaged easily. Engineered wooden floors are actually sheets of hardwood that are fixed on a base material like plywood. Now since original wooden sheets are used to manufacture engineered wooden floors it retains the texture, granularity and durability of the original species of wood, from which the sheets have been cut. Thus, by installing engineered wooden floors in your home you can make your home look posh and sophisticated.

Why should you install Engineered Wooden Floors?

When you install engineered wooden flooring it is advisable that you get in touch with a flooring manufacturer that makes easy to install engineered wooden floor planks, so that you can purchase planks depending on the size and dimension of a room. Some of the benefits that you can be assured of on installing engineered wooden flooring are as follows:

1. It does not expand or contract like hardwood floors. This ensures that the flooring does not get warped due to changes in the humidity levels.

2. Since engineered wooden floorings are actually real wooden sheets fixed on to plywood base, it makes the entire plank all the more durable.

By installing engineered wooden floor you will be making a worthwhile investment. The laminate used to make laminate floors are actually made of layers of paper glued together to form a compact sheet and hence it can be damaged quite easily. Thus, even if initially you feel that laminate floors are cheaper and easier to maintain than the engineered wooden floors, in the long run, engineered wooden floors would survive longer giving you value for the money you may have spent on getting these installed.

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Tips to Maintain the Shine and Polish of Hardwood Floors

If you are thinking of installing hardwood floors in your house, then you must ensure that these are properly maintained in order to sustain the polish and shine of the floors. Contrary to popular opinion, hardwood floors are quite easy to install and maintain. You do not have to make great efforts to maintain the shine and polish of the floors. Further, these wooden floors give your home a contemporary look. Some of the tips to consider for the proper maintenance of the hardwood floors have been given below.

Maintaining Hardwood Floors

When you install wooden floorings, check the wooden flooring types and the timber flooring materials. Selection of the wooden flooring material should depend on the usage and the overall décor of the room. Once you have installed the wooden floorings, ensure that you follow these tips to maintain the shine and polish of the floors:

1. To keep the floor free from dust and grime, wipe it with a wet cloth. However, ensure that you squeeze any excess water from the cloth before wiping. This will prevent water stains from appearing on the wooden floors.

2. You should not use abrasive or harsh chemicals to remove stains from the wooden floors. Use mild stain removers to keep the wooden floors free of stains.

3. Use lacquer refresher to keep the shine of the wooden floors intact. The lacquer refresher increases the glossiness of the wooden floors and also increases the durability of the floors.

Following these simple tips while cleaning wooden floors can help ensure that the polish and shine of the floors last longer. Last but not the least, purchase the wooden floors from a renowned manufacturer to ensure that you have good quality wooden floorings installed in your house.

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A Detailed Guide to Engineered Wood Flooring

If you’re thinking of covering your indoor living spaces with engineered wood flooring, you can’t go wrong. This type of flooring option have unmatched natural beauty and can effortlessly complement any decor – be it modern or traditional. Engineered wooden flooring can be difficult to distinguish from a solid wood floor and can installed in any room, including kitchens and basements.

What is Engineered Wood Flooring?

Engineered wooden floor is made up of multiple layers of laminated hardwood glued together in a tight cross-layer structure. This cross-layered base is added with a thick layer of hardwood on the top, known as the ‘wear layer’ and is treated with colour treatments, varnishes and oils to get the desired finish.

Installing hardwood floors in your home can have a number of benefits. Some of them are listed below:

1. Add value to your property

This type of flooring option is a great long-term investment. Due to its durability, elegant aesthetic and resilience against damage, properties having hardwood floors are valued at higher prices on the housing market than properties with carpet or laminate. Engineered wood flooring lures the potential buyers with its elegant charm and long life span.

2. Perfect for busy areas

Engineered floors are perfect for busy areas like living room, kitchen, etc. With a mop or brush, everyday stains and spillages can be easily cleaned from a hardwood flooring. Even removing pet hair is not a hassle and can be effortlessly sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. Adding a protective treatment to the floor can further add a stain resistant, slip resistant and waterproof coating to the surface, thereby enhancing its appearance.

3. Lifespan

Engineered wood floors can last for years if cared properly. This makes them a cost-effective long term flooring option for your property.

Mikasa Floors is an appreciated name in the industry and boast an extensive range of hardwood flooring options. Install this flooring solution in your house and lend a timeless charm to your dull indoor spaces.

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The Ultimate Guide on Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is a nice alternative to both laminate flooring and solid hardwood. It is easy to install and can bring classic styling to any home.

How is it manufactured?

The top layer of engineer wood flooring is made of finish wood with non-finish plywood underneath, inserted in by another layer of hardwood which are then laminated together. Each board has 3 to 4 layers of wood bonded together to create a plank. While the underneath plywood offers additional strength to the flooring, any of the exotic wood options can be used as only the top layer is visible.

In the manufacturing of these solid wood floors, the plywood actually comprises 80-90% of the floor. This means, it uses less hardwood in its manufacture and therefore, less expensive. Moreover, it is resistant to moisture and warping.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

1. Excellent strength

Engineered wood is built in layers and bonded together. While the top layer exhibits the natural characteristics of the selected wood species, the surface layer is several layers of high-density fiberboard (HDF) that ensures greater strength and stability.

2. Superior stability

These flooring options come with superior stability, which makes them resistant to changes in the temperature and humidity. This way, they can be installed anywhere, including moisture-prone areas.

3. Genuine hardwood

Although these wooden flooring types are not made of solid hardwood, they are still a genuine hardwood floor with artistic appearance and lifetime value it brings to a home. A quality engineered floor will perform as well and last as long and as a solid wood floor.

4. Impressive range

You will find an impressive range of textures, colors, finishes and wood species when shopping for engineered flooring. And once installed, they look the same as solid wood planks.

5. Easy to install

These flooring options can be stapled or glued and therefore are easy to install and can even be used directly to an existing floor.

What should you Look for While Installing Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood floors not only make a room look elegant but also work as insulators. Wood being a bad conductor of heat ensures that the heat generated within a room does not get dissipated outside, which makes these floors suitable to be installed in houses built in the cold regions. However, it has been observed that homeowners living elsewhere too prefer to install hardwood floors, to make a room aesthetically pleasing. Nevertheless, there are some points that you must take into consideration while choosing hardwood floors and some of these have been discussed below.

Selecting the Hardwood Floors

Renowned wood flooring manufacturers mention that contrary to popular opinion natural wood flooring and wood floors are easy to install and maintain. In other words, it is not essential to spend a lot of money in maintaining the wooden floors. Moreover, regular polishing of the floors is not required. However, while purchasing wooden floors ensure that you take into account the following points:

1. The floor must be composed of three layers comprising hard wood, stabilizing layer and the balancing layer. This will make the floor durable and resistant to wear and tear.

2. The colour of the floor should be coordinated with the furniture in the room, to make it aesthetically pleasing.

3. The floor should be easy to install. It is preferable that the planks are not attached with glue, but with a locking system. This will make the entire floor sturdy and also prevent it from warping due to changes in humidity.

Thus, while purchasing wooden floors ensure that the product is durable and is being supplied by a renowned manufacturer. If you purchase wooden floors from a renowned manufacturer then you will receive a manufacturer’s warranty and additionally, you will be assured of the quality of the product.